Monday, June 15, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo (and a look into ours)

Brice absolutely loves animals, so we've been wanting to take him to the zoo for a while. Saturday ended up being that day! We took both boys to the Nashville Zoo. Unfortunately, many of the animals were snoozing in the back of the exhibits - I don't blame them - it was a hot one! But, we were able to see many animals that Brice had only seen in books up until now. He had a good time, as far as we could tell.

Here is one of Darren and Brice checking out the elephants.

This was Rider the whole time we were there. He took his cue from the animals.

The elephants were HUGE! Thankfully, you can't say that about me anymore (or at least, please don't, even if you feel like it!)

One of the best parts - they have a little petting area full of goats, birds, donkeys, etc. Brice loved the goats - ran around saying "goat, goat, goat" and saying hi to them all. Here is one of his new friends.

Here are Darren and Brice hanging out with the lemurs.

And because I found the giraffes so intriguing and amusing...did you know that they have the same 7 neck bones that we do, theirs just grow to be a foot long each?!?

And now for a quick peek into our own little zoo we have here at home...

Brice has found a new use for sidewalk chalk...

Brice has found a new use for his lion toy (he's mowing the yard - no joke - he pushed the thing all across the yard - back and forth for a good 1/2 hour!) He then proceeded to "pull weeds" (which meant, he pulled random handfuls of grass) and redistribute mulch. Must have been a day for yard work!

Here's Rider showing off his new trick - he can sit! Well, not on his own, but still -he's a strong kid!

Gotta have a bath pic. :)