Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watch Out!

Look out - you might get video overload from our blog for a little while. We were given a new Flip camera yesterday. It is the size of a digital camera, but takes video. It has a built-in USB, so you just plug it in, and can upload videos, edit videos, and even create a "movie mix" all very quickly. So, we went to McDonalds today (I take the boys once a week - Brice LOVES to play there), and I got out the new camera. I took a couple videos of Brice, and when we got home, I got both boys down, and started playing. I created this movie mix using the videos I shot. Really - it took like 3 clicks of my mouse. The video isn't that great, but I am very impressed by my little man being able to make it all the way to the top in the playland. What a stud. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Movie Night

We have been thinking of ways to get Brice to sleep in later. One theory we had, was that he was hungry early in the morning, so we tried getting him as full as possible before he went to bed. Nope - 5:30 still. Next theory...he goes to bed at 7. We thought maybe a later bedtime would help. So, last Saturday, we decided we'd have movie night. Rule #1 for the next movie night - don't tell him quite so early in the day. As soon as we said something about movies, he went and got all his favorites, and had a stack about 6 high of movies he wanted to watch. Thankfully, he forgot about it after a little while.

During the afternoon, we went and picked out a new movie - Charlotte's Web - he loves farm animals, so this was an easy choice. We then wore him out at a grand re-opening shindig at our local Lifeway Christian Store. They had a huge inflatable slide that Darren took him down once...after that - he was all about it...I swear he went down it at least 15 times.

Rider decided he would rest during the concert put on by our friends' band Pocket Full of Rocks.

So when we got home, we ate some dinner and then movie night began. Rider even got to participate a little before he went to bed.

Brice when we started the movie and he saw the pig...unfortunately, you can't see that he is jumping up and down saying "pig, pig".

We rounded out the evening with milkshakes and fruit snacks. Brice had a great time - he didn't sit through the whole movie, but he got to stay up until 8:30 anyway, playing with his new car from Grams.

And no, he didn't sleep any later...still got up at 5:30. Needless to say, his bedtime will remain 7pm. :)

Grams and Pa-paw Visit

Grams and Pa-paw came to visit a week or so ago. After a visit to the park and lunch date with dad, we took a trip to Arringon Vineyard, where Brice got to pick grapes right off the vine. He was very meticulous about his grape picking - making sure not to pick ones that were within his reach, but choosing ones that were well over his head. He would reach up, pick a grape, step back, eat it, repeat. This kept he and Pa-paw busy while Grams, Rider and I were inside checking out the wine.

That night, after the kids were in bed, we taught David and Joan how to play Wii Bowling. David was a natural, and it only took Joan one game to get in her groove.

The boys had a blast during their visit - too bad it was so short. We look forward to seeing you guys again soon!!