Friday, June 26, 2009

Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum

Brad, one of Darren's friends from KC, came to visit last weekend for the Eddie Vedder concert here on Thursday night. We had a great time with him while he was here. He was a trooper and endured Friday with me and the boys while Darren worked - surviving Brice's fits and all. We enjoyed a great show at the Bluebird on Friday night...if you're ever in Nashville, I highly recommend a show here...but, make sure you get your tickets as soon as you can (they are only available a week before the show, and the sell out quick!).

On Saturday, Brad and Darren took Brice on a roadtrip to Louisville to visit the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. You know - the famous Louisville Slugger bats? They make them here! Being the baseball fans that they are (Brad, we don't hold it against you that you are a Red Sox fan), this was at the top of their list of things to do. So, they took the 3.5 hour trip north. Oh yeah, and Brad got to check Kentucky off of his "States to visit" list.

On their way there, they stopped off at Chaney's Dairy Barn for some lunch and ice cream.

Rider and I stayed home (and enjoyed a rather relaxing day, I might add), but they were reminded of me anyway. This brand of popcorn shares my name...all the way down to the spelling! Crazy, huh?

Brad, Darren and Brice on the big glove scuplture...which also doubled as Brice's playground for a little while.

And of course, Brice had so much fun that he crashed on the way home. I know he had a great time!

Thanks for visiting Brad! We thoroughly enjoyed your company! Oh, and Brad also has a blog...check it out...he's a pretty funny guy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Darren!!

You'd never brag on yourself about how great a dad you are, so I am going to take this opportunity to brag for you. You are such a patient, loving, FUN "daey" (Brice's new way of saying daddy). I love it that every weekend, you want to make it so special...doing things the boys enjoy. I love it that when you get home from work, you put aside all other distractions and focus on them. I love to watch you playing cars with Brice or cuddling precious Rider. I love when you laugh with them - I see such joy in your interactions with them. You are a wonderful daddy, and our boys are so blessed to have you in their lives. I, too, am beyond blessed to be able to share in our journey through parenthood with you!

Happy Father's Day to my sweet dad, too...aka "Dad-dad"!

I have so many fun memories of times we spent together - design building, buddy trips, swimming in the rock swimming pool in Coffeyville, the list could go on forever! You set the bar high, and for that, I am forever grateful! I am super excited for you to come visit tomorrow!

And to Darren's dad...aka "Papaw"...Happy Father's Day!!

I am so thankful to you for your influence on Darren's life...for the values that you taught him, and for being such a great example of a father! We hope you guys are having fun in Germany...or Italy...or wherever you are right now! :)

And, finally, Happy Father's Day to the Great Grandads, too! We love you, and well, without you, none of us would be here! Hope your day is great!!