Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

So, I realize it's too late to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July, and it is getting too late to even talk about what we did. So, I am taking a break from my mom duties - which have included - in no particular order lately - trying to get Rider to nap, dishes, trying to get Rider to nap, laundry, trying to get Rider to nap, cooking dinner, trying to get Rider to nap, enjoying some time at the pool with Brice, and trying to get Rider to nap. Thankfully, right now, Rider is napping peacefully in his swing...I better type fast...when he does nap, it is usually for about 45 min. I seem to remember a while back, I posted that Rider is a good napper...not so anymore. Never again will I blog about how well my boys sleep...everytime I mention it, they do just the opposite. Anyway, this isn't a post about Rider's napping...it's about our Fourth of July...
Me and my two firecrackers...precious boys!
We went to Franklin's July 4th celebration...Franklin on the Fourth. They had a petting zoo, that Brice wasn't too sure about, but he eventually warmed up enough to walk around at least. I must say, it was somewhat of a stretch for me to be in there with the animals, too. Not really my thing!
Anyway, here's a pic of Brice and I with Eeyore.
Darren had Rider duty, and Rider cooperated nicely by sleeping in his Snugli.

Brice with his flag...he will say "cheese", but you better be fast...he doesn't hold the smile for long!

And Rider with his flag.

I won't bore you with our evening activities - which included a dinner challenge (see "Mmmmm"), a 7 o'clock bedtime for the boys, and a movie during which I fell asleep. Yeah, I won't bore you with those details. It was a fun, relaxing day, and any day that I get to spend with Darren and the boys is great - no need for fireworks here!

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  1. Hope you have better luck with naps today... wear him out at the grocery store!! The pic of you and Brice and Eeyore is too cute! I love your "mmmm" idea! Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!