Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Developments

WOW! There is a lot going on around our house!!

We'll start with Rider. He is now 4 months old, and can sit on his own for about 3 seconds before he topples over. He also rolled over from his back to his belly for the first time this morning. He was in the living room playing on his playmat, and I was feeding Brice breakfast. I KNOW I put him on his back, and when I went back in the living room, he was on his belly playing with a toy!! I still didn't believe it, so I put him back on his back to have him do it again...sure enough!! Only problem now, is that he doesn't like being on his belly, so when he rolls - which he has done numerous times since then, he gets rather upset. He can roll the other way (well, at least he could a couple months ago), but he won' he's stuck - or so he thinks. We've also started trying to work on Rider's sleeping. His naps have been better - still not great, but at least taking one good long nap a day. Night time is another story. He goes to sleep fine, but sometime around 9 or 10 every night, he wakes up. He isn't hungry then, but has a hard time getting back to sleep. So, we've started letting him cry some. So far, we've done it for 2 nights, and it hasn't worked very well. We will keep trying...once he does finally go back to sleep, he sleeps pretty well until morning...if only we could get him past that 10 o'clock hour!! So, that's Rider's world...he's a happy, energetic little guy - with a smile that lights up his whole face. I love it!!

Here he is showing off his new sitting skill!

On to Brice. Brice had his first visit to the dentist yesterday. He wasn't too sure about laying flat on his back to let the hygenist look into his mouth, so all we did was have him lay back to let the dentist count his teeth and check them really quickly. Otherwise, the dentist was a fun trip for him...while Darren and I had our teeth cleaned, the assistants had a blast playing with Brice. He's quite the flirt! On to other news...we have started potty training. Let me start by saying that I was fine waiting at least another year before we started this. Brice had other ideas. First it started just by taking his shorts off - all the time. Then yesterday, he took his shorts and diaper off and peed on the floor. So, I decided we should give it a shot. We went and bought him a potty, and let him sit on it last night. First time on, and he peed! No, it's not that easy! Today, we've been working on it, and we have not peed in there at all! Oh well - I am really in no hurry - it is just rather time consuming to sit him on the potty every 20 minutes. Oh, and we'll be securing Daddy's job because we're using M&Ms as incentive to sit on the potty!

Here's a picture of Brice at the dentist...

And because I can't end my post with such a distressing picture, here he is afterwards in his cool sunglasses...

And just for fun, one of the boys helping me cook

Goodness, I'm tired just talking about all the changes going on!! So glad it's almost Friday, and that Grams and Papaw are coming to visit next week!! Mama could use a break!!

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